A 'Complicated' Project

Creatively Complicated Podcast

Hi, I’m back. [Again.]

While it’s true that I’ve been radio silent here on the blog, I’ve had a few other things happening behind-the-scenes over these past several weeks and I’m due for a quick catch-up. Aside from starting 40-hour workweeks with a new project management client in late March, I’ve also been working on a new creative endeavor!

Together with Stephanie Fuccio, I’m co-hosting a brand new podcast called Creatively Complicated. We just launched our little podlet as of 7 June so we’re very much an evolving, in-progress concept, but our aim is to dive into the messiness of creativity and its many nuances. We’re not meant to be an advice or a Q&A show and we’re not planning on having frequent guests, we’re just two regular people who like to chat about the ups and downs of our creative pursuits and decided to put these conversations out into the world.

The idea for Creatively Complicated was born out of a frenzied, ongoing exchange of WhatsApp voice messages in the early part of this year, when Steph and I stayed in touch after she interviewed me in November as a guest on an episode of Virtual Expats, one of her three(!) other podcasts. We realized that we have a tendency to feed off one another’s energy and ideas, particularly when it comes to subjects like creative inspiration, procrastination, research, sharing information, and how being expats/immigrants/global souls affects our creativity.

So far, we’ve talked about how performing mundane tasks can spark creative energy, how we deal with the creative gap and the annoying tendency to “apologize” for our work that we feel is less-than, and there’s a whole lot more in the pipeline! (Seriously, we have so many episode ideas we had to start emailing them to ourselves and stashing them in a folder so we won’t forget about anything.)

You can find us here, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or pretty much wherever you get your podcasts. For now, we’ll be publishing new episodes every two weeks on Fridays. Give a listen and feel free to drop some feedback: You can reach both Stephanie and I at creativelycomplicatedpodcast@gmail.com

Join us, and let’s see if we can uncomplicate our creativity together!

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