Language Consulting Services



If you would like to improve your English skills, I can help. Our sessions will be customized to work towards your specific language-learning goals, either face-to-face if you're in the Nürnberg area, or via Skype. Prefer to learn with a friend, family member, or colleagues? I'm also happy to work with small groups. 

I've been teaching English as a foreign language since July 2016, and in addition to being a native speaker, I hold certificates in modules 1-3 of the Cambridge English Teaching Knowledge Test framework. 


We can all benefit from a second (or third!) set of eyes on our important projects. Whether it's a work presentation, a university assignment, or a personal pursuit, I can help you review and edit your content to ensure that grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure are accurate to native-level English standards. 


Cutting and pasting into online translators is fine for a gaining a quick understanding of a foreign text, but this method is usually not ideal for use in your business or professional life. Let me manage your German-to-English or Swedish-to-English translation projects and ensure that your finished content reads as though it were written by a native speaker.

I specialize in translations of restaurant menus, marketing/advertising copy, product descriptions, business and personal profiles, and I've completed more than 200 translation tasks via

Language lessons and editing or translation projects are quoted on an individual basis. To inquire about my rates, availability, and turnaround times, please fill out the form below with a few details about your request, or email me at — Thanks! 

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